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Happy Valentine's Day you beautiful dorks, I hope everyone spent their time with someone special. But if your like me, forever alone, just wait till all of the chocolate becomes half off for us ;)
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down 
Apparently for this one i'm supposed to tag ten people, but sadly I only know one person on here who does tag stuff.
So you have to answer ten questions. And make ten for the people you tag.
Tagged by the lovely :iconsgwhite:

1) Cats or Dogs: 
Can't I have both?

2) What's you're thought process when it comes to drawing/writing/(you can insert any other thing here)?
Uh make it angst for storys but make sure it has a good and steady plot. For art look back at old designs and new designs of different characters of mine and think of something new but old... is the best I can explain it

3) If you only had one day to live, What would you do?
i honestly wouldn't know, probably just go out somewhere near a cliff watching a ocean all day.. I guess

4) What's the worst fandom you've been ever been in?
please no one kill me... It has to be Homestuck bc of reasons.. but I'm not going to hate anyone who likes it, it's their opinion and I respect that

5) Chocolate or Cheese?
why you makey me choose

6) What are some of the song you Hate?
Ppap is all I can think of at the second.

7) To meme or Not to meme?
UH idk tbh

8) What's the Weirdest outfit you'd wear?
Maid cafè Yuri K version in all honesty 

9) do you prefer to see 2D animation or 3d animation?
Both are really nice in my opinion 

10) Would you rather Read as many book that could fit in a library (Fiction, Non-fiction, History, Biology, Etc) or Read as much (printed out) fan fiction that could fit in a library (Romance, Self inserts, Crossovers, The good, The bad, The dreadful, The originals Etc)? 

Books because I love my Anne rice, vampire chronicles Infinite Lenny (Chat emote) 

My quesions:
1) who's better jasper or lapis
2) Favorite video game
3) what's one of the weirdest thing in your opinion have you drawn 
4) Swiggty swooty 
5) who would win in a fight, Cheetos or giraffe neck (Steve universe if you don't get the joke)
6) best character (out of games, movies, comics, etc) 
7) first thing you do when you first wake up
8) Favorite play?
9) Best waifu or husbando 
10) would you join me in heathers hell? 
I tagged you and now you can't escape
:iconrikutheriolu777: , :iconhiroshi-riku-sama: :iconk1ng-0f-h34rt5:
anyone else can do this if they want
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
🍁Call me Leo🍁
I'm not the best artist so please bare with me kids. My art is really cringy just to warn ;)
I may not be too active, but I post stuff when I can
I like constructive criticism, it really helps
I will probably have a lot of spelling!
I love green tea and some occasional coffee
I'm also known to blunt when I don't mean to be... so don't take it personally...
Current mood: Sarcastic
Fav and runner? Yeah sorry
:iconhiroshi-riku-sama: SHORTIE
:iconsgwhite: my smol precious child
:iconrikutheriolu777: Junkrat
:iconm3sta12: Person I look up too
:iconk1ng-0f-h34rt5: FLUFF

Niles/Zero [Free] by cxldcxffe Gangrel stamp by moeco
Inigo Stamp by Adraowen Charlotte FE:FATES stamp by KH-0
Soleil FE:FATES stamp by KH-0 Priam Stamp by Adraowen
ya boy guzma stamp by sorrystamps
Sherlock by 1stClassStamps The Hobbit trilogy stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria
Asexual Stamp by sunbirds Aromantic Stamp by sunbirds
Opinions Stamp by Bandarai .:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo
American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Spanish language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
I do not own Machamp or Ignatious, they belong to their respective owners

My icon was made by the lovely :iconm3sta12: you should check them out!
Am I a furry? No I just like deer. But if you are one, that's cool my dude

My redbubble:…


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